Jake Paul Has an Awkward Reaction as His Brother Claims that Tommy Fury Beat Him

Jake Paul has been handling his defeat to Tommy Fury fairly well so far. But, things became a little awkward for the Problem Child when his older brother Logan Paul refuted his assertions that the fight might have been a tie. When Jake and Tommy finally put an end to their two-and-a-half-year war in Saudi Arabia last month, it was tight, but the judges ultimately decided Tommy would take home the belt.

The Real Winner

In the end, there was a split decision, with two judges giving Tommy the win with scores of 76-73 and one judge giving Jake the win with a score of 75-74. Immediately following the grudge match, Jake congratulated Tommy and said, “I don’t know if I agree with the judges, it is what it is, but that is the boxing world.” Now, a little more than a week later, Jake continues to believe that he and Fury should have at least been awarded a draw, but his brother Logan has quickly shut him down.

Hungry for More

Jake stuttered as he attempted to make his argument, probably a little surprised by his brother’s critical remarks. Recovering his footing, Jake continued, “I’m not sitting here and saying that I should have won or whatever. I’m saying, like, it probably could have been a draw. But all I’m saying is that Tommy should want to come back and, like, actually beat me properly.” Since Tommy Fury was proclaimed the victor, Jake has been pursuing his opponent for a rematch.

When asked whether he thinks Tommy would bother fighting him again, Jake said the former Love Island star would be “stupid” not to. “It’s money,” he said. “The kid made a decent amount of money for this fight. Kind of like when I beat Tyron Woodley (the first time) it was controversial. It was kind of like, “Damn that could have gone either way. He would get wealth that would last a generation for the rematch, so he would be stupid to not do it, honestly”



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