Jake Paul Cancels Match with Tommy Fury

Tommy Fury vs. Jake Paul in a boxing contest has been canceled. On July 6, Paul stated on Twitter that he had given Fury a notice of termination. The former YouTuber who is now a boxer used social media to inform supporters that his opponent would not be joining him in the ring.

And Again

He also made a suggestion that tomorrow might bring another fight-related announcement. With Fury bailing out of their previous bout in December due to “a medical condition,” this cancellation marks the second time that the pair’s battle has been postponed.

Finding Ways

Prior to his rescheduled fight against Paul, Fury disclosed last week that his Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) had been rejected, preventing him from entering the US.

At the time, Paul offered Fury the opportunity to fight on his native soil in the UK in exchange for a payment of $15 million, which Paul alleges Fury “doesn’t have.”

Make sure you check out his tweet about it right here!



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