Jake Gyllenhaal Stuns the World as He Fights in a UFC Octagon

Gyllenhaal, who is well-known for his accolade-winning performances in movies like Donnie Darko and Brokeback Mountain, is currently at work on a remake of the action classic Road House, in which Patrick Swayze played a coolie at a posh roadside bar in the original. The actor has astonished fans by winning two tough knockout matches in the UFC this week, taking the sport by storm.

Wowing the Crowd

Gyllenhaal, at age 42, astonished MMA fans by displaying his ripped figure while filming scenes for the upcoming movie at the UFC 285 arena in Nevada over the weekend. He squared up against one of his co-stars at the weigh-in, slapping him and telling the commentator Jon Anik that he was fired up and ready to win. The actor then conducted a full walkout to the ring before entering the Octagon and capturing the knockout victory against opponent, Jay Hieron, in a fictitious middleweight battle, as fans marveled on.

Setting It All Up

Gyllenhaal gave Hieron, who plays Harris in the newest Road House version, a really devastating flying knee kick that knocked him off his feet and left him completely destroyed. Gyllenhaal even went so far as to push the referee away while still striking his opponent as he tried to step in and break up the fight in the drama-filled imaginary brawl. Chris Tognoni, an MMA official, and Bruce Buffer, a famed announcer, both appeared in the fake bout to give it the appearance of being as real as possible.

Conor McGregor, a UFC fighter, will even appear in the new film as the primary antagonist. The Irish mixed martial artist was spotted over the weekend with Gyllenhaal, using the microphone to rile up spectators and send them into a frenzy before the bout. Now this is really something to look forward to especially that this movie is a remake. Here’s to seeing more from Gyllenhaal and more news about the movie real soon!



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