Jackass Forever’s Newest Trailer Released!

Jackass fans rejoice as the Jackass team has released the newest trailer for their new movie: Jackass Forever. With the cast taking on hilarious and definitely painful stunts, what they’ve done will never go unnoticed and will always keep lots of us entertained.

What is Pain?

With the whole gang showing signs of age, it seems that their pain tolerance has just gotten stronger. They do say that with age comes wisdom and that their wisdom definitely shows with all the new and innovative stunts they pull of in their newest movie.

Literal New Heights

Whether it was movies, shows, shorts, or games, the Jackass crew would always leave fans laughing out loud and wanting even more. If this would be the last hurrah for the crew, then fans can be proud and glad with what Jackass has accomplished. Just hearing their theme song would already strike many painful yet entertaining memories.

Be sure to check out their latest trailer here in the video and get ready to start laughing out loud while you wait for the movie’s release on February 4!







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