A Couple of Unique Ways to Use Your S Pen

The S Pen is a stylus that is compatible with a variety of Samsung phones and tablets. You won’t need to connect it if it came with your Galaxy device, but there are still a few processes to follow in order to use it. The more functions you have access to with the S Pen, the newer your smartphone is. Let’s check out a couple of unique ways to use your S Pen!

With a Push of a Button

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Try using your stylus as a remote control. Go to your settings, then hit “Advanced Features,” then “S Pen,” then “Air Actions,” and then tap the toggle to enable the “S Pen remote” option. You could use this for easier access for when you don’t have a remote nearby.

Getting Creative

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With the S Pen, you can control your music and other media. You’ll be able to start and stop your media by tapping the end of the stylus while watching a video or listening to music once you’ve set up your S Pen as a remote.

These are only a couple of things you could do with your S Pen. Try these new ways and look cool by doing them too! If you would want more, let us know or you could even check out a few more creative ways online!