iPod Gets Discontinued After 21 Years

Apple has announced that the iPod Touch, a music player that was warmly hailed for revolutionizing how people listen to music, will be discontinued.

Numbers Over the Years

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The initial iPod, released in 2001, had a 1,000-track capacity. Apple’s streaming service now has over 90 million songs available. The iPod Touch was created by the same team that eventually created the iPhone, which swiftly surpassed the iPod in popularity.

Seen Through the Years

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The iPod was last updated in 2019. Various iPod versions have been developed throughout the years, including the Nano and Shuffle, but the iPod Touch was the last to be discontinued in 2007.

iPod users have gone to social media to express their feelings at the news and memories associated with the music players. Apple said it will be available for purchase “while stocks last.”