Internet Explorer To Be Retired

Internet Explorer will be retired for good, according to Microsoft. After 27 years on the market, the IT behemoth has steadily moved away from outdated software, relaunching the Edge browser in 2015 to coincide with the release of Windows 10.

Serving Its Purpose

Even though most people have moved on, support for the final version, Internet Explorer 11, has been preserved. Important security updates and bug fixes will no longer be released as a result of terminating support.

Basing It On Stats

According to Statcounter, only 0.45% of internet users continue to use Internet Explorer. Microsoft had already signaled that Internet Explorer would be phased out of the Microsoft Teams web app in 2020.

Thankfully, Edge has an Internet Explorer mode that allows users to see outdated websites that may not load properly in newer browsers. This could still offer that feel of nostalgia and also prove that Edge could still be a go-to browser in the long run.



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