Intelligent Russian Man Thinks He’s from Mars

Since he was a little child, a Russian guy has astounded experts with his superintelligence. He even asserts that he is from the planet Mars.

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Another Conspiracy Theory

Boriska Kipriyanovich, a resident of Volgograd, Russia, is certain that before being reborn to a human mother on Earth, he lived his daily existence on Mars.

Boriska, who is thought to be roughly 24 years old, has visited with several scientists, and they have all expressed amazement at his level of intelligence and planetary system understanding.

According to reports, her mother was always aware of her son’s intelligence, and she even claimed that as a baby, he was able to support his head on his own.

She continued by saying that he started talking when he was only a few months old and that, amazingly, he could read and draw at the age of just one and a half. Strong assertions, aren’t they?

His teachers at the nursery were reportedly astounded by the outstanding linguistic skills, writing prowess, and impressive recall of the young Boriska.

Boriksa would frequently start talking about Mars, space, and extraterrestrial civilizations when he was young, according to his parents, despite never having been explicitly taught about them.

He reportedly told his parents that even if Mars experienced a significant nuclear disaster in the distant past, there is still extraterrestrial life there.

Do you now begin to believe him?

He’remembers’ that the nuclear disaster resulted from a conflict between two races of beings that had previously resided on the red planet.

Few people survived, but according to him, those who learned how to build dwellings and weapons are still around today.

How on earth did the Mars rovers miss seeing any of this?

According to Boriska, Mars-dwelling aliens breathe carbon dioxide, therefore if they were to visit Earth, they would obviously need to bring some with them.

Boriska has insisted his entire life that he was once a Martian who visited Earth. He thinks there are many important mysteries to be discovered on Earth, including in the Great Pyramid of Giza, which he claims is concealing a significant secret. He also has a message for us Earthlings.

The Sphinx has an opening mechanism that is located behind the ear, but the exact location escapes me. When it is opened, human life will change.

Quite ambiguous, but not so ambiguous that we couldn’t send someone to investigate, surely?