Insurance Company Sues Amber Heard Due to Results of Defamation Case

An insurance provider is suing Amber Heard over its duty to pay the fees associated with her and Johnny Depp’s recent defamation trial. This comes with the massive fine that Heard has to pay as a result of their verdict in the case.

A Couple of Important Dates

Two years after she filed for divorce from Depp and accused him of physical abuse in 2016, the Aquaman actor was covered by the New York Marine and General Insurance Company from 18 July 2018 to 18 July 2019.

Covering Much

The time frame, which included the dates Heard authored and retweeted the Washington Post op-ed in 2018 that led to Depp suing her for defamation as well as the date Depp filed the lawsuit in March 2019, proved to be significant in the most recent court case involving the ex-couple.

The corporation feels that it should not be responsible for paying the trial’s expenses because Heard was determined to have defamed Depp willfully in the op-ed. Additionally, the corporation contends that it was not in favor of the concurrent change in counsel that occurred when the Cameron McEvoy legal firm withdrew from the lawsuit in November 2020, following New York Marine’s acceptance of Heard’s representation by the firm.