Instagram Has Disabled the Hashtag for Jeffrey Dahmer

With the debut of the record-breaking Netflix series, Jeffrey Dahmer is once again making headlines, but Instagram is telling a different tale.

The Milwaukee Cannibal

You see, it appears to have been blocked when someone tries to search the hashtag “#jeffreydahmer” on the social networking app.

Users have encountered the following warning in place of streams of content about the cannibalistic serial killer: “This hashtag is hidden.

Because certain content has been flagged by the community as possibly not complying with Instagram’s Community Guidelines, posts for #jeffreydahmer have been restricted.

Even if we don’t know which specific pieces of content offended people, the nature of Dahmer’s acts makes it less shocking.

He was referred to as “The Milwaukee Cannibal” and was found guilty of murdering 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991.

In Ryan Murphy’s new dramatization Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which stars Evan Peters as the serial killer, gory details of how he carried out the killings and what he did with the remains afterwards are examined.

The series examines how Dahmer primarily targeted POC and members of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as the shortcomings of law enforcement and systemic racism that allowed Dahmer to carry out his atrocities for such a long time.

He was given 16 life sentences in Wisconsin and Ohio after being apprehended, but in 1994, a fellow prisoner named Christopher Scarver beat him to death.

In 2015, Scarver provided an account of Dahmer’s jail experience to the New York Post. Scarver had previously served time at Columbia Correctional Facility with Dahmer for a different crime.

He said that “he crossed the line” with several inmates and prison employees. He was not one of the repentant prisoners, though some inmates are.

“I occasionally witnessed tense exchanges between [Dahmer] and other convicts.”

Scarver claimed that he kept away from Dahmer for a long time because he didn’t want to engage in the murderer’s disgusting sense of humour.

But when Scarver learned how Dahmer slaughtered, mutilated, and occasionally ate his victims, he became furious and fatally bludgeoned both Dahmer and Jesse Anderson, who had been found guilty of killing his wife.

It was a horrific life that had a gruesome finish, one that the new series has covered in great detail.

Regarding the hashtag restriction, any variety of posts might have gone against Instagram’s Community Guidelines, such as publishing only “suitable” content or avoiding violent scenarios.