Inside Out 2 Announced by Pixar

Amy Poehler, who played Joy in the 2015 Pixar animated picture Inside Out, interrupted Pixar boss Pete Doctor as he was ready to wrap up the segment on Pixar during the D23 Studio Showcase. Inside Out 2, a surprise sequel to the movie, was revealed by Poehler there.

Something New

The sequel will follow Riley, the original human, as a teenager, and Kelsey Mann will take over as director, but Doctor notes that development is still in its early stages. Although the creative team withheld which, Poehler teased that there would be new feelings this time.

The When

The final Pixar D23 news was the release date of Inside Out 2, which is set for the summer of 2024. The company has already debuted Elemental, an animated love story, Win or Lose, a new animated movie, and Elemental.

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