Indonesia Decides on Banning Foreign Digital Services

Indonesia presently forbids the use of online marketplaces like Steam, Epic Games Store, Origin, and others. The Indonesian government made it a condition that digital enterprises would not be added to a whitelist if they did not register with the government.

A Huge Decision

It turns out that a large number of businesses failed to register with the authorities. In late July, the Republic of Indonesia’s Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo) campaigned for the rule targeting private electronic systems providers.

Putting a Damper on Things

Similar to this, Indonesians who utilize a variety of internet services for their jobs, such as streamers, must cross their fingers that each service registers. Even while Twitch isn’t included as a registered corporation in the foreign company list, YouTube is.

While there are a lot of foreign digital services that are used daily and for convenience, this could hinder a lot of things from happening. This could affect people’s lives and more, hoping there would be some sort of change to make things easier, it looks like their government is pretty stern on the new rule though.



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