Benefits of Indian Clay

Indian Healing Clay, also known as sodium bentonite clay, has been used for generations as a face mask to enhance and revitalize the skin and has been found to be a detoxifying agent. The bentonite clay, and its molecules are negatively charged. Positively charged molecules make up the majority of poisons and heavy metals. When clay is applied to the skin, it creates an ionic pull that draws toxins out. Let’s check out a couple more of this clay’s benefits!

Brings Relief

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Itching from insect bites, hives, poison ivy, and poison oak is relieved with the use of this clay. Rashes can be prevented or reduced by using bentonite clay, according to several studies.

More Healing

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When applied to the skin, acne can be treated, pores are reduced, and skin tone is evened. This is great for when you want to achieve flawless and beautiful skin.

While this can be great to use on the skim, caution still should be followed as this could potentially harm the eyes or even cuts and wounds. Let’s make sure to stay safe while looking and feeling our best when we try using this!