In Just 5 Weeks, Hogwarts Legacy Outsold Elden Ring’s Lifetime Sales

Hogwarts Legacy has barely been on the market for a month and has already outsold the UK‘s Game of the Year winner for 2022 in terms of sales.

Change of pace

Hogwarts Legacy has barely been on the market for a month and has already outsold the UK’s Game of the Year winner for 2022 in terms of sales.

It’s no surprise for Hogwarts Legacy, there are really many Potterheads out there. Imagine getting to enjoy the franchise not only from books and movies, but also in the games. This means a lot to the fans, this is precisely why it’s not surprising that Hogwarts Legacy to take the lead.

Not to undermine Elden Ring, of course it’s a terrific game. But Hogwarts Legacy is a dream come true, especially with the advancements on the gaming industry. It’s definitely a refresher and a huge breath of fresh air with all the razzle dazzle.

You get to enjoy being classified by the renowned sorting hat, different seasonal changes with the interior design changing as well, this game has a lot to offer, and is surely recommended!

Dethroned in months

When it first came out, Elden Ring totally swept over the internet and rapidly became FromSoftware’s best-selling game.

The violent open world RPG sold over 20 million copies globally just before its first anniversary; this is simply enormous when you consider that the combined sales of all other Soulsborne titles total 27 million.

Elden Ring has lost, despite taking up the top prize at The Game Awards and the recently revealed DLC Shadow of the Erdtree reigniting everyone’s excitement for the game.

The Wizarding World RPG has overtaken both the digital and physical sales of Elden Ring in the UK, according to, after Hogwarts Legacy topped the physical games chart for still another week.

That’s not at all surprising given that the game in question is a hotly anticipated adaptation of one of the all-time top grossing media franchises. Within two weeks of its release, Hogwarts Legacy had sold 12 million copies worldwide, firmly establishing itself as the most popular Harry Potter video game ever.

This is true even though many people chose to avoid it because of its connection to J.K. Rowling, who is still under fire for her offensive comments regarding the trans community.

Elden Ring isn’t the first big title that seen its sales topped by Hogwarts Legacy. In Europe, it’s topped the sales of every Call of Duty game released since 2017, as well as Red Dead Redemption 2.

Considering that the five games that are still listed above it are all FIFA games, it is actually the sixth-biggest launch since the start of the European sales charts.

Hogwarts Legacy’s sales won’t come down anytime soon either. The franchise will also come out on different platforms such as the PS4 and Xbox One on the 5th of May, then on the Nintendo Switch on the 25th of July. So this means more people get to play, more sales for them.

But Hogwarts, or Elden Ring, what matters most is that players enjoy their games right?



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