Hollywood Stars Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are Now Engaged!

Movie star Megan Fox and music icon Machine Gun Kelly have taken it to social media to announce that the couple are now officially engaged. The two have set up the proposal with unique events leading up to their announcement and all that’s left to wait for is their big day!

All The Stars

The couple wanted to go for something mesmerizing and at the same time unique. They had all their interests put into the event and day before the singer planned to propose. Although it’s not a classic proposal like others, this is definitely something for them to remember.

The Perfect Plan

The two had also sealed their union with a blood pact. They both drank each other’s blood as claimed by the movie star and by reports. Megan Fox also took it to social media stating that they had the proposal under the same tree where they made their relationship official. Not only that, but during the proposal, Machine Gun Kelly also “asked for magic”. Although cryptic in nature, this could mean a whole lot to the couple.







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