Hidden Ancient Forest Surprisingly Found in Sinkhole in China

Earlier this year, cave explorers discovered an old secret under a sinkhole in South China’s karst region. An expedition team descended over 200 meters into this deep cave on May 6 and discovered not only darkness but also a lush forest.

More Surprises

green leaf trees during daytime

Photosynthesis was able to function due to the limited amount of sunlight available from the entry point. This forest is most likely millions of years old. Unknown plant and wildlife species, according to researchers, may actually  thrive here.

How It Came to Be

Sunbeams, Forest, Fog, Trees, Woods

The bedrock within the sinkhole’s three caves was eroded by an underground river called Fugui, according to scientists. The extremely soluble granite was also aided by acid rain from above. Sinkholes are quite common in this area as a result of these processes.

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