Hannah Godwin from The Bachelor Answers to Noah Schnapp After She Called Him Out on TikTok

After Hannah Godwin from The Bachelor called out Noah Schnapp on TikTok, Noah Schnapp reacted.

Schnapp Snapped

Following a direct message discussion, Schnapp has managed to make Godwin unimpressed after accidentally starting a feud with Doja Cat after exposing their private chats online.

Godwin, 27, said on TikTok that she had “a bone to pick” with Schnapp because he allegedly broke a promise he’d made.

Godwin claims that when she opened her Instagram one day, she discovered a post from the actor asking for a favour for a friend.

Godwin sings these songs in the video: “My first thought when opening Instagram was, “Yo, who just slid in my DMs?”

“It’s Noah Schnapp, too. Hey, my best friend is crazy about you, he said. Could you make her a birthday video wishing her a happy birthday? ‘”

Godwin claims that although she granted his request, she later requested a favor in exchange.

Added her: “Oh my god, but you do need to follow suit, I exclaimed. Will you create a video since my best buddy Dina is so crazy about you? He said, “I gotchu.”

The following morning, I prepared a video and emailed it to him. He remarked, “This is wonderful,” and I responded, “Awesome,” but I never received a video in return.

Godwin continues by saying that while she is aware of the young idol’s busy schedule, she is still awaiting the video.

It’s ok, she continued. He might have been occupied. The future? But a video is still not here.

Godwin tagged him in the TikTok post just to be sure Schnapp wouldn’t miss it.

And it appears that her plan to criticize him was successful since soon after it was published, Schnapp appeared in the comments and questioned: “What? Who is it for that I’m now sending it to? Did you see the entire video, mate? It’s for Dina.

But it appears that everything will work out in the end, and Dina will finally receive her personalized message, as Godwin replied to Schnapp’s remark to inform him that her people would get in touch with his people to arrange it.



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