Hackers Linked to Anonymous Claim to Have Taken Down Russia’s Space Agency.

A hacking organization tied to Anonymous claims to have taken down Russia’s space agency, however the agency, as you might expect, denies this. The claimed attack appears to have been designed to prevent Russia’s satellites from seeing anything from above the earth, and they also claim to have erased quite the number of sensitive files.

Their Aim

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Network Battalion 65 – or NB65 – is an Anonymous-affiliated group that claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘no longer has authority over surveillance satellites,’ sending out messages that was supposed to display Roscosmos server information.

Making the First Move

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They had downloaded and deleted a number of secret files from the agency’s satellite imaging and Vehicle Monitoring System, according to reports. “The WS02 was destroyed, credentials were rotated, and the server was shut down,” the hackers had then claimed.

Although any ties to Anonymous have not yet been found, this group seems to take their steps to farther extents. It would only be a matter of time before something else comes out from them.