Gwen Stefani Reveals Reason Behind Her Youthful Looks

Finally disclosing how she manages to look so young at her age, Gwen Stefani On October 3, Gwen Stefani will turn 53 years old, and her fans have flocked to social media to once again laud how she has maintained her youthful appearance.

Secret’s Out

Stefani’s youthful appearance has long been praised by the celebrity’s followers. Stefani revealed her genetic makeup to the public in May 2016 while performing with James Corden on Carpool Karaoke, so you no longer need to “wish” for her looks.

The Big Secret

When Corden compared Stefani to Benjamin Button, a character who ages retrogradely and gets younger with time, Stefani responded by saying that when her life “blew up,” she “started falling in love.” She went on: “Then I wrote a whole record about that. So that’s what the facelift is. I’m writing music about happiness and truth.”

Be sure you check out that video of it right here!



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