Guy Ritchie and Star-Studded Movie Now on Netflix

Director Guy Ritchie’s hit movie: “The Gentlemen” is now streaming on the platform as announced by Netflix. Along with the cast full of stars, it would almost be impossible to shy away from checking out the movie.

Good Movie, Good Reviews

People are ecstatic online over the Netflix announcement from last week, which was made on January 7th. Not to mention, Google has given the movie a 4.5/5 star rating based on nearly 4,000 reviews.

All The Hype

Lots of people loved the movie during its release and they still love it now. The movie has been nothing short of great and only good things can come of the news released by the streaming platform.

Be sure to check out the movie’s trailer here and for those about to see the movie, you might get hooked on it as well.







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