Guy Hitchhikes Through Dangerous Places in Russia, has Bizarre Interactions with Locals

It would appear that anybody is up to do anything these days. The pandemic may have put a damper on things and restrictions on just about anything, but it hasn’t stopped this man’s spirit. This is Slightly Homeless from YouTube. He will attempt to hitchhike to The Caucasus in Russia. This may prove to be a challenging task, but nevertheless, he is ready to face it head on.

The YouTuber has taken it upon himself to travel through the Dagestan and make it to the Caucasus during his travels in Russia. As many have said through the internet, going through the Dagestan to the Caucasus can prove to be dangerous and equally as difficult. With him not being a local, he then struggles to get through and also converse with the locals as he pushes through his journey.

Setting Up For Success

The YouTuber has set up a huge goal in mind when he begins his travels. He lays out a route to take through his phone but it definitely isn’t a cake walk. From his starting point in Makhachkala, he has travel about 474 kilometers to get to his destination. He has also made it a point to get through Balkhar, Gunib, Gamsutl, and then reach the final destination at Grozny.

                All of that he must accomplish within three days as the YouTuber as he has a scheduled flight back to Moscow which he cannot afford to miss. He emphasizes this as he is on the brink of debt if he would miss that flight. Not a lot of room for error but yet, he still wishes to pursue his goal.

A Tough Road Ahead

The YouTuber has still kept his resolve despite the rough journey he has to get through. Getting through the Caucasus can definitely prove to be a challenge for just about anyone but this YouTuber shows it can be done. You can watch the whole video here to check out his journey and struggle while anticipating his arrival to his destination. Be sure to watch the video below to follow his journey.






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