GTA VI Might Bring Back Two Fan Favorite Characters

While the Grand Theft Auto series has been known to reference previous games by bringing back or hinting at certain characters, protagonists like Tommy Vercetti, CJ, and Trevor Philips tend to stay unavailable. A Grand Theft Auto leaker with a pretty good track record has claimed that Grand Theft Auto VI will bring back a few familiar faces from GTA IV and GTA V.

Familiar Faces

However, a recent allegation claims that Niki Bellic from GTA IV and Michael De Santa from GTA V will return in the upcoming GTA VI. Redditor “GTA VI Leak,” who previously hinted at Dr. Dre’s involvement in GTA Online, claims that Niko Bellic will have a role in GTA VI.

More Than a Tip

The leaker continued by claiming to have learned that Rockstar Games is once more employing Michael’s actor in Ned Luke. Although it’s generally accepted that this is for a new GTA Online expansion like the one that saw Franklin come back, the leaker insists there’s more to it than that.

They hinted that Michael, who is now a well-known movie producer, would be filming a movie in Vice City, the setting of GTA VI. Many allegations about GTA VI’s gameplay, setting, and other aspects are made in GTA VI Leak’s article. According to our observations, the more specific and varied these “leaks” are, the less likely it is that they are real.



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