GTA 5 Sells 170 Million Copies, and Red Dead Redemption Sells 70 Million Units.

More than 385 million copies of the Grand Theft Auto franchise have been sold.

Those are a lot of digits for the franchise.

With 170 million copies sold, Grand Theft Auto V’s publisher Take-Two Interactive has announced another milestone, while Red Dead Redemption has sold 70 million copies.

Sales figures for both series were presented in the company’s investor presentation during Take-quarterly Two’s earnings call. Grand Theft Auto has sold more than 385 million units overall, with GTA 5 accounting for 170 million of those sales.

That represents a smaller increase than the “almost 170 million” indicated in Take-most Two’s recent earnings report, as @DomsPlaying on Twitter pointed out. GTA 5 sold about 5 million copies in a single quarter, according to the same report.

Hannah Sage, executive VP of finance at Take-Two, said the business only updates GTA 5’s sales in multiples of 5 million in an interview with

Since the publisher’s most recent earnings conference, Red Dead Redemption sales have increased by an additional 2 million units. Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2 are part of the franchise, which has sold 70 million units globally.

Regardless, both Rockstar Games franchises have consistently broken sales records. In just three days, GTA 5 became the entertainment release with the quickest $1 billion in retail sales in history.

Additionally, the company is still releasing next-gen fixes for its open-world heist games despite being ten years old.

Those are record-breaking numbers.



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