Google Maps Helps Aid Police in the Capture of Italian Mobster That Has Been on the Run for 20 Years

Thanks to the famous Google Maps, the police were able to put convicted murderer: Gioacchino Gammino into custody. The photo has led the police to the exact location where the mobster was setting up his fruit stand, the same place where they were able to get a hold of him and take him to the station.

Wrong Place and Wrong Time

The mobster had been on the lamb for about 20 years now and almost made it home free if it weren’t for the famous app. It turns out that he was using a fake name and been living in Spain for almost two years where he had also made a living while running away from authorities.

He Almost Had It

He was successful for some time when it came to evading the police in Italy. Up until recently when authorities found him just North of Madrid, Spain. Despite being on the run for almost 20 years, Google Maps was also accurate on taking the photo as it showed a scar that only the fugitive has. Hopefully this could serve as a reminder that no matter how far you get, crime still doesn’t pay.

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