Giving Back to A Mother’s Kindness With a Huge Surprise

Nowadays, kindness can be really hard to find. That can be certainly the case especially with random people all around you. But what happens here where a YouTuber tries something special will really surprise you.

A Simple Act of Kindness

It all starts when YouTuber Jimmy Darts checks out a comment that would definitely change up someone’s day. The suggestion is definitely something that could help someone out and from then on, he sets out to do it and hopefully spread some cheer around as well.

What Comes Around Goes Around

The YouTuber was able to succeed in his quest to find kindness in people’s hearts. The short video would then show him finding a random family in a supermarket and pushes through with the suggestion in the comment from earlier. The mother of the family then listens to the YouTuber and offers him some money in order to get the notebook. Shortly after, Jimmy explains what was happening and gives a huge reward for the woman’s kindness. It’s safe to say that he really made her day.

Make sure you check out the whole video here and see how the mother reacted to her kindness being reflected back.






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