Giancarlo Esposito Confirms Meetup with Marvel and Wants Professor X Role

The speculated The Mutants film, which is expected to introduce the X-Men from Marvel to the MCU, has yet to get an announcement. However, some actors are already enthused about the possibility. Giancarlo Esposito recently declared his desire to play the legendary Professor X of the X-Men.

Things to Talk About

The actor announced conversations with Marvel onstage at Celebrity Fan Fest over the weekend in Texas. Esposito addressed speculation on the MCU character he would play in this context.

Infinite Possibilities

A character doesn’t have to appear the same in every reality, according to the Marvel multiverse rules. The most notable examples of that are Loki and No Way Home. There is minimal likelihood we will see the Professor X variation again given that 838 Xavier perished.

There are reports that contend that Marvel may not be able to completely retell the X-Men stories for the MCU due to current Fox commitments. In the worst-case scenario, as those contracts could end in 2025, the mutants might not appear in the MCU until Phase 7.



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