Gameplay for Upcoming Marvel Game Finally Revealed

A new video of Wolverine in action has been posted on the official Marvel’s Midnight Suns YouTube page. It appears like Wolverine will be a tough ally with some vicious strikes in this upcoming game!

All His Strengths

In Wolverine’s gameplay, dealing chain damage to numerous foes with his patented Adamantium claws is a key element. His specialties in the game are Tank and Distributed Damage, and as you might expect, he has the ability to passively heal himself. If he faints during a combat, he even has the ability to revive himself once.

The Question of When

Marvel’s Midnight Suns has unluckily already experienced a few setbacks; it was originally scheduled to release in March this year but was instead delayed to 7 October. Most recently, it was again postponed until “later this fiscal year,” which practically means before March 2023. It is unclear exactly how long it will take, but at the very least, it shouldn’t take longer than an additional five months.

Make sure you check out the gameplay right here!



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