Gallery Owner Loses NFTs Worth Millions to Hackers

It was reported that Todd Kramer’s Ethereum wallet has been hacked and he has also reported that he has lost about2 million dollars worth of NFTs. This has caused him much anger and disappointment that it has already taken the internet by storm.

All Your Apes in One Place

Controversy all around the internet has struck as Todd had reported his loss. There have been many disputes on how Todd should have kept his NFTs and if investing in such would actually be a good idea in the long run. The power of NFTs can be underestimated but bouncing back from this loss might be a bit too much for Todd Kramer at the moment.

A Temporary Cease

NFT platform OpenSea reported that they had froze the assets of the NFTs stolen as to prevent any further dilemma. How Kramer lost it was through the use of a phishing site in which he happened to click on a phishing link. While Todd is still in shock and anger towards the thieves, he is still hoping to retrieve the NFTs and also get justice where it is due.

Check out this video and see if you agree with Todd or think if he was too careless.






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