Former Gym Worker Used to Earn $95 Weekly, Now Runs $270M Brand

There are many great success stories out there and reading about one can always warm the heart. Here we have a man who was really interested in fitness, started working in a local gym and now has reached his dream and now runs a very successful nutrition brand.

Starting With a Dream

A young Alan Barratt had high interests in fitness and sought to go in the industry and a young age and started of with his brand called “Fusion”. In 2008, Alan sold previous brand: Fusion and focused on ‘Grenade,’ which, with the support of his wife Juliet, took off in 2010 and had ambitions to emulate the success of Red Bull or even Coca Cola.

Going Strong

Grenade, his new brand, was daring with its packaging and marketing strategies, demonstrating that these types of items can have personality. And can actually be different from other brands and also be quite the name to remember for years and years to come.

Check out the video here of Alan Barratt and how he rose up the ranks and find out some of his secrets to his success.







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