For the First Time in History, Diddy Pairs Up with Dr. Dre to Make Some Music

Fans are eager to hear what two of the most well-known rappers in the world have in store for us after joining forces for the first time. On August 30, Diddy posted a series of pictures of himself and Dr. Dre working together in the studio to Instagram, boasting that one of his “biggest dreams” had come true.

In The Works

Celebrities and fans alike rejoiced at the news. It was said earlier this year that Diddy was to blame for Dre’s $200 million loss in 2014. But with that, the duo is more than past that and are on to bigger and better things.

More Than Music

Apple made a staggering purchase offer for Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s company Beats Electronics that year, but Iovine issued a warning that the offer might be withdrawn if anyone in their close-knit group started rumors about it.

Naturally, Dre found it difficult to remain silent about the astounding sum Apple had offered, and he was caught on camera boasting about the agreement. Iovine learned about the footage, though, and it wasn’t by accident. In fact, Diddy called Iovine to inform him, which prompted Apple to withdraw their offer for hundreds of millions of dollars.



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