For Calling Itself “Meta”, This Company Named Meta is Actually Suing Meta

As confusing as that sounds, yes, you read that right. A US corporation called Meta filed a lawsuit against Meta for using the name Meta. Facebook famously announced in October of last year that it would change its name to Meta to better reflect all the projects it was working on.

The Misconception

While that was great for the digital and social media firm, META, which creates installation art, was not pleased with the name change. The art company claimed to have invested “blood, sweat, and tears” into their brand and they are not in the least bit pleased that one of the most well-known tech companies now shares their name.

More Than Enough

Facebook Meta has “blatantly seized our IP and use it in the same locations we have operated in for more than a decade,” according to META. According to The Verge, the change in Facebook’s name to Meta will probably mislead META’s current and prospective clients, who might believe they are working for the social media business.

Additionally, they are worried about how they will function after Facebook Meta opens their virtual reality hub in the metaverse. Though Facebook Meta has yet to come out with a statement, this could very much lead to more upsets and more problems down the road.



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