Flying Car Makes Its Debut

In an effort to introduce its electric aircraft to global markets, Chinese electronic vehicle manufacturer Xpeng Inc.’s “flying car” completed its first public flight in the United Arab Emirates.

Into the Future

A two-seater electric VTOL aircraft, the X2 is propelled by eight propellers, two of which are located in each corner of the craft. Quite revolutionary for the company in bringing out something new for the world to see.

Coming In Hot

The manufacturer of the vehicle hailed Monday’s 90-minute, unmanned test flight in Dubai as “an important base for the next generation of flying cars.” And with that, they have started breaking barriers and inspired more and given hope for more people to look to the future.

According to Minguan Qiu, general manager of Xpeng Aeroht, “We are making step-by-step (moves) to the international market. First we selected Dubai city because Dubai is the most innovative city in the world.”



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