Floyd Mayweather Jr. Set to Fight Famous YouTuber in Dubai

Celebrity fights seem to be a trend in recent years. And with that, a lot of celebrities or even athletes from different sports lace up for the squared circle and have themselves a boxing match. This time, “Money” Mayweather dusts off his gloves against Money Kicks.

Just for Kicks?

The 20-year-old Rashed Belhasa, or Money Kicks is a famous YouTuber and also the son of a billionaire. He has been called “Dubai’s Richest Teenager” and earned quite the reputation. By reviewing shoes for the channel and more, he has now set up a challenge to face Floyd Mayweather Jr..

All About The Money

Although Rashed has had fights in the past, this one bout may be life-changing for the young man. It was also stated that they would have their fight in a ring that’s on a helipad. This definitely would rake in a lot of serious money for the two and would only help their reputations reach even greater heights.

Check out the whole video regarding the speculation and confirmation about their bout here.








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