Finally, A New Spyro Video Game is Coming Out

This news is exciting. Three characters from my early years truly stick out in my memory: Crash, Croc, and Spyro. Crash and Spyro are still prospering like the beloved icons they are, but my man Croc may have unfairly vanished into the depths.

What’s Spyro?

The primary character in the video game series of the same name, Spyro, is a dragon. Numerous sequels and a reboot trilogy have been released since the Spyro the Dragon PlayStation game from Sony launched the franchise in 1998.

The franchise, which was originally developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, through a number of ownership and developer changes before Activision purchased the rights to the IP in 2008.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy, a compilation of remade versions of the first three Spyro PlayStation games, was created by Toys for Bob and published for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in November 2018, and then for Microsoft Windows and the Nintendo Switch in September 2019.

For the PlayStation, Spyro the Dragon was made available in North America on September 10th, 1998, and Europe in October, 1998. It is a platform game in which the player assumes the role of Spyro, a little purple dragon tasked with liberating his fellow dragons from crystal prisons that are dispersed around their planet.

From the main world, ‘portals’ lead to each level. The last battle between Spyro and the main foe, Gnasty Gnorc, brings the game to an end. Five million copies of the game were sold globally, which is a strong sales performance.

Finally, a fan-favorite is back!

This is the year for beloved games like Crash Bandicoot and Call of Duty!

The two franchises have a lot of things in common. Both series’ initial trilogies have been updated in recent years, but although Crash has subsequently received Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time, poor Spyro has been forced to watch from the sidelines.

But that could soon change since it seems like Toys For Bob is working on a new Spyro game.

According to Insider Gaming, Toys For Bob dropped a hint on Twitter. Big changes and BIG MOOD for 2023 #LifeatTFB, the developer said besides a collage of pictures. The presence of Spyro and the 25th logo in the upper left corner is what has people’s attention the most.

In 1998, Spyro The Dragon: The Original was made available for the PlayStation. So it should come as no surprise that the 25th relates to the fact that 2023 marks Spyro’s 25th anniversary.

There isn’t a better moment in my opinion to release a new Spyro game, especially in light of how well-received the Reignited Trilogy was.

We are aware that Toys For Bob is also developing the multiplayer spin-off Crash Team Rumble. The game was unveiled at the Game Awards the year before.

It was exciting to witness Crash Bandicoot emerge from the stage and plummet from the ceiling in the middle of the night. But it’s not implausible to think that another Toys for Bob team is presently working on the newest Spyro game. We’ll be keeping a close look out.

Spyro will be available on the Playstation5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch



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