Features for BMW Cars Could Only Be Used through Microtransactions

The newest microtransaction in select high-end BMW vehicles is heated seats, which joins other options like advanced cruise control and automatic beam switching that are available as monthly subscriptions.

Something New

According to The Verge, BMW is already selling the function on its shop for the equivalent of about $18 per month or $415 for lifetime access in the UK, Germany, New Zealand, and South Africa.

High-End Features

Other services, some of which can only be purchased outright for up to around $900, are also available for purchase. For example, the alert that warns the driver when they are approaching a speed camera is frequently provided free of charge if you use your phone as a satnav.

Tesla, a competitor of BMW, has lately added some bizarre new amenities as well, like a karaoke mic for its vehicles and the capability to play games like The Witcher 3. If this seems to be how BMW would be competing, then it could possibly lead to customers not wanting more from them, but how the company would handle this is just about to unfold.