Fast X Trailer Released and Hints at Dom’s Past

The first Fast X trailer has finally been released, and as usual, Dom’s family is in danger due to his history. The nearly four-minute-long Fast & Furious teaser, which debuted exclusively on February 9, is full of shocks for fans, not least of which is a tie to Fast Five. As it turns out, Jason Momoa’s Dante is connected to Reyes, the antagonist from the fifth film, and he is seeking retribution as the most recent bad guy to threaten to split up Dom’s family by kidnapping his son Brian.

Initial Thoughts

The trailer also features a classic Fast stunt involving Dom and two helicopters, a brief first look at the new characters portrayed by Brie Larson, Alan Ritchson, Daniela Melchior, and Rita Moreno, and it concludes with Letty’s unwelcome reunion with Cipher. The first installment of the epic two-part Fast X franchise finale hits theaters on May 19. Fast X will witness the comeback of a number of well-known characters, including Sung Kang as Han.

Something New

Jason Momoa from Aquaman has joined the cast and will portray the newest opponent in the series, a supporter of Charlize Theron’s character Cipher by the name of Dante. The actor previously teased his part by saying: “It’s been hard because people always think I’m just this dude who plays (macho characters). But I want to be moved, I want something new. Things are changing, and even the villain roles I’m playing now are eccentric.”

This initial glimpse also offers us a sense of some of the outrageous exploits that have grown to be a series staple. This new peek at the upcoming film finally provides the fans a sense of what to expect, even though much of the finer points of the plot are still being kept a secret. It only makes sense that the characters from the entire lengthy, historic, and wacky franchise are set to feature in the upcoming movie, Fast X, which is planned to launch a two-part finale of the almost two-decade-old series. Something to end the franchise with a good note and maybe a great way to leave an impact for fans and family.

Make sure you check out the trailer right here!



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