Fans Wants Nick Offerman to Play Live-Action Kratos

Before this, we have never heard Nick Offerman’s name mentioned in connection with Kratos’ casting. Offerman is what you may call a unique option for that role, if ever. He is most known for playing the obstinate Libertarian Ron Swanson in the great Parks & Recreation series.

The Similarity is Uncanny

When the actor posted a photo of himself on Twitter, people began to compare him to Kratos. Offerman shared a selfie in which he flaunts a stunning bald head and a massive bushy beard as part of a lighthearted thread asking fans to express what they’d look like as the head of an underground organization. Fans of Offerman and God of War soon began to make the connections.

Joining In

Cory Barlog, the director of God of War, brilliantly joined in on the enjoyment. We can only hope that this is the beginning of Offerman and Barlog’s lovely friendship, which will eventually lead to their working together on a God of War television project.

Be sure you check out that tweet of Offerman right here and it see the similarity for yourself!



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