Fans Want Ezra Miller to be Replaced by Elliot Page as Flash

Elliot Page has increasingly been suggested to take over as The Flash in place of Ezra Miller. Barbara Muschietti, the show’s producer, said that The Flash will “restart everything” with previous DC heroes. However, DC comic fans have also been demanding for the main role to be reintroduced.

A Much Better Approach

There are growing calls for The Umbrella Academy’s Elliot Page to take on Ezra Miller’s first solo movie role as a superhero in the action adventure.

A Bit of a Problem

In recent years, Miller has been the subject of debate. The first incident occurred on March 28, 2022, in Hilo, and they were detained by Hawaii Police twice. And while that does not help his reputation, it certainly doesn’t help Warner Bros. or DC’s as well.

Calls for Miller to be replaced before the 2023 Warner Bros. release have so been mounting, reflecting the crisis that currently surrounds them. What about an alternative for them? Well, many people believe that Elliot Page is ideal for playing Barry Allen. What DC and Warner Bros. has to say about this would be known soon, but for now, we all have to wait.



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