Fans of Taylor Swift are Incensed that She Used the Term “Fat” in a New Music Video

The singer’s usage of the word “fat” in her new music video for “Anti-Hero” has Taylor Swift fans in an uproar.

This is a very litigious society

Swift has received criticism since the album’s release, despite Midnight reaching benchmarks and becoming the most listened album on Spotify in a single day.

The 32-year-old singer, who has a new hit tune, addresses her own body image and weight anxieties in the music video.

When someone steps onto a bathroom scale, it says “fat,” which has led to accusations that the artist is “fatphobic”

Watch the full music video here:

Taylor Swift’s song video in which she gazes down at the scale that reads “fat” is a sexy way for her to communicate her difficulties with body image, according to one Twitter user. It’s not necessary to remind fat people that it is everyone’s worst nightmare to resemble us.

The commenter who made that statement added: “I can’t believe Taylor Swift boldly and without hesitation put a whole a** music video out there where she calls herself overweight and aligns it with being an anti-hero.”

Others, however, responded to the criticism by stating that Taylor was free to speak about her own issues with body image.

You are aware that Taylor Swift is discussing an eating disorder, right? I despise how overweight individuals downplay body dysmorphia in skinny people because that is the weight they would prefer to be.

Another person said, “People have been claiming that this scene in Taylor Swift’s music video is fatphobic, but to me, it very obviously seems like a critique of fatphobia.

The singer of “Bad Blood” has already spoken openly about her weight insecurities and the need to maintain her slender figure in the face of severe media criticism.



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