Fans of McDonald’s Were Horrified to Learn What Was in the Sweet ‘n’ Sour Dip

The majority of us are aware of what we’re getting into when we order Maccies, right? Depending on your diet, you might also eat some meat, salt, and carbohydrates.

Shocking ingredient

You might be startled to learn that the Sweet ‘n’ Sour variation of fries and chicken nuggets is actually made of a rather unexpected fruit if you want your food with sauce on the side.

TikToker Evan-May Gillott (@evs kii), who shared this with us, was as astonished as the rest of the UK when she learned the “hidden” component.

She said: “Sweet ‘n’ Sour sauce, McDonald’s – am I the only one who didn’t know what fruit it’s made of? Have a guess.” in a video that has received nearly 350,000 views.

What then might it be? Recipes for sweet and sour sauce frequently call for pineapple juice, but what about mango, which is frequently used in a chutney?

You would be making a mistake if you choose one of these options. Evan-May revealed that it is actually an apricot.

She exclaimed, obviously astonished by the information, “It’s f***ing apricot… it’s an apricot.”

One person wrote: “I said mango SO confidently… I had no notion that it was even a fruit.” Hundreds of individuals have expressed their surprise.

The TikToker responded, “Honestly, I never really thought about it; I just ate it. However, while eating my chips, I was instructed to check the ingredient list, and I was shocked.”

Another person wrote, “Low-key thought it was pineapple,” and a third said, “I didn’t know it had fruit in it.”

Before you start asking, the answer is no, it is not one of your daily five.



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