Fans of Kate Bush are Appalled by Rita Ora’s Rendition of “Running Up That Hill”

Fans of Kate Bush are not happy with Rita Ora’s rendition of her popular song “Running Up That Hill.”

Fans are Not Pleased

You probably already know that the 1985 song saw a comeback after it was used in the most current season of Stranger Things; in fact, it broke new records in the US charts as new audiences became aware of the music.

In light of this, Rita made the decision to attempt the song earlier this week while giving a performance at the Rock In Rio MultiShow festival in Brazil. Look it over:

Sadly, her ostentatious cover wasn’t as well-liked by domestic viewers as she had hoped. After a clip of her performance was uploaded on Twitter, hundreds of people criticized her performance.

“Wrong singer for that song. She’d be better singing something from Pink,” wrote one, while another said, “For the love of God make her stop!”

“What a ghastly noise,” added a third, to which another replied, “It really is! I hate that style where they wobble about as if trying to find the right note. It’s like listening to someone trying to tune a radio.”

A fourth wrote: “That’s dreadful. Just because lots of notes exist, it doesn’t mean you need to try and include them all in every song. You certainly don’t need to try it if you’re as bad as this.”

But one of the top comments has to be from this person who quipped: “A deal with Go-oy-ay-od…”

She sounds nice, like, if it wasn’t already a fantastic song it would have been good, according to one viewer, who wrote: “I’m so puzzled, is everyone simply used to auto-tune.”

Regardless, we doubt Kate Bush is overly concerned about the cover because she is too busy savoring her music’s comeback.

Some listeners also made comparisons to Fergie’s controversial rendition of the US National Anthem at the NBA in 2018.

Here is the Original Version if you want to check:

Her first-ever top-ten single outside of the UK was made public back in June when it was reported that the song from the album “Hounds of Love” peaked at number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

And it was all due to the Netflix series, which allowed for the initial exposure of the singer-music songwriters to new listeners.

Bush earlier said in a statement about the response to her song, “It’s all so amazing! Thanks so much to everyone who has backed the song,” and she also admitted she is a fan of Stranger Things.

What do you expect from Stranger Things season 4 right?

What do you think about Rita’s rendition? Let us know!



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