Fans are Alarmed by Gabbie Hanna’s 100 TikTok Videos Posted in 24 hours.

As a result of Gabbie Hana posting 100 videos to her TikTok account in a single day, her fans are now worried about her health.


Since Tuesday (23 August), the influencer, who has 7.5 million followers, has been quite active on the site, posting videos about religion, the universe, death, conspiracy theories, and mental illness.

Despite Hanna’s constant assurances that she is alright throughout the films, many of the recordings have strong emotional content.

In one, she yells, “HELP ME!” at her reflection. WAKE UP, F**K! “In one, Hana asserted that she is the Angel Gabriel, and in another, Gabbie was depicted dancing and saying, “I died and went to paradise.

Following the rush of activity on her feed, the 31-year-old claimed that after receiving calls from worried fans, police had visited her home to do a welfare check.

In response to a comment from a fan on “passing” the wellness check, the content creator, who previously disclosed that she has been diagnosed with bipolar, said: “Yes, literally.

“They left me a card. Did not, did, d-i-d, not meet the criteria for hold. Will contact PR with update.”

He asked to use her bathroom and then started live streaming footage with Hana.

Fans who were following the incident on social media immediately notified LA law enforcement. Hours later, a neighbouring TikTok user took to the platform to explain that there were multiple officers at her residence and that the unwanted fan had left.

Under the post, a concerned follower wrote: “Gab its okay. I believe it would be really beneficial for you to relax in bed with some water and perhaps phone a friend to talk about how you’re feeling.

The Internet star started posting videos online in 2013, and over the next nine years, she gathered millions of fans across all of her social media channels.

In addition to social media, Hanna published two poetry books: Adultolescence in 2017 and Dandelion in 2020. They were both New York Times bestsellers.

Out Loud, Hana’s debut single, was also released in 2017.



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