Fan Speculation that Robert Irwin’s Halloween Costume is Jeffrey Dahmer Led to His Dismissal

We’ve all experienced the Halloween or fancy dress party situation where our costume was not immediately apparent to those around us.

More Jeffrey Dahmer?

Nothing is more discouraging than hearing incorrect assumptions about your attire from others.

When people mistook Robert Irwin for real-life serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, their incorrect assumptions had a more antagonistic tone, which was especially upsetting to him.

You want to do something worthwhile, recognizable to others, but also enjoyable and authentic to you. Even if you’re a famous person, this can be challenging.

Additionally, you must take care to ensure that the outfit you choose won’t land you in trouble.

The show, which stars Evan Peters as the notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, has generated controversy in the past, particularly when it comes to the fact that the genuine families of the victims were not informed before production began.

Considering how simple it would be for someone to replicate Dahmer’s distinctive appearance—large, gold eyeglass frames and a blonde haircut—it was extremely alarming.

Mother of Dahmer victim Tony Hughes told TMZ, “It’s already really upsetting to see a popular Netflix series about the monster, much less people dressing like the killer.”

Robert displayed his Halloween attire—a pair of oversized, gold eyeglass spectacles with his blonde hair parted in the middle—in a video that was uploaded to his TikTok account.

This seemed a little too similar to several observers.

Fans started pointing out what they believed to be a Jeffrey Dahmer costume in the comments.
One fan commented, “Tell me he’s not dressing as Jeffrey Dahmer on Halloween. Because if he is, then byeeee.”

Another said, “Jesus buddy, at first I was getting Dahmer vibes.”

One asked, “Jeffrey Dahmer?”.

Another character from The Office with big glasses and neatly coiffed hair, Robert was dressed as Dwight.

The quotes from The Office that Robert used in the video plus the fact that his sister, niece, and brother-in-law were also all dressed as The Office characters served as additional evidence of this.

Those who understood it cheered for Robert’s costume and stood up for him.

Have you guys never heard these phrases before, guys? He’s clearly dressed as Dwight from the office, a fan wrote.

Another said, “I don’t know how people are confused; it’s actually the office theme tune.”



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