Famous Orangutan Caught Driving A Golf Cart

Animals have the tendency to do a lot of amazing things. This orangutan is no exception. The orangutan is seen driving a long route on what seems to be a golf cart. He shows tremendous control when driving and is also surprisingly calm.

They See Me Rolling

This monkey definitely has got the style going on. When can you actually say you’ve seen a monkey driving? The video features the monkey driving on a tough route and actually gets through all the curve while also maintaining his composure. Some might even say he’s a better driver compared to other drivers.

Getting There in Style

The orangutan makes sure he gets to wherever he needs to be usually by swinging vine to vine, but this guy does in way more style. Through all the turns he passes, he still has a firm grip on the wheel and makes sure that he gets there safely. Talk about a cool trick.

Make sure you check out the whole video here and watch the monkey drive all over his route with no problem whatsoever.







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