Family Guy Isn’t Done Turning Chloe Grace Moretz Into a Meme Just Yet

After discussing how an emotional impact a Family Guy joke had on her, Chloe Grace Moretz issued a cry for compassion.

Emotional Damage

The Carrie actress expressed her feelings in an interview last month and said she hopes viewers of the show and the meme it inspired would understand how it affected her.

It turned Moretz, 25, into a “recluse.”

At the launch of her new series The Peripheral on Tuesday, Moretz said that “compassion” is a crucial quality for humanity and that people should be mindful of the language they use online.

She told Entertainment Tonight, “I think the important issue is that compassion is a really key element in humanity and just being kind with the words that you say with one another, the things that you post online.

“I believe that compassion is essential, and I sincerely hope that more of it may be found in the world.”

A paparazzi photo of the Kick-Ass actress holding pizza boxes was altered online, making her legs appear incredibly long and her waist appear to be very small.

The performer quickly drew comparisons to Legs Go All the Way Up Griffin, Peter Griffin’s great aunt, who makes her appearance in the season 10 episode “Amish Guy,” according to Family Guy fans.

In an interview with Hunger Magazine in September, Moretz talked about the “onslaught of awful memes” she had encountered online.

It was one of the most popular memes at the moment, Moretz added, directly referring to the image. “And this photo became modified into a character from Family Guy with the long legs and the short torso,” she said.

Moretz described her feelings as her body came under internet scrutiny and mockery.

“When I brought up how people were making fun of my body with someone, they said, “Oh, shut the f**k up, it’s funny.”

“My body is being used as a joke, it’s something I can’t change about who I am, and it’s being shared all over Instagram, I just remember sitting there and thinking.

To this day, when I see that image, it’s something that’s really difficult for me to get over, said Moretz. “It was something so simple as coming into a hotel with leftovers.”

Moretz experienced body dysmorphia, which made her dislike activities she once enjoyed, such as dressing up since they caused her to feel “self-conscious.”

After that, she remembered, “I was sort of upset because it took a layer off something I used to like, which was dressing up and going to a carpet and taking a picture, and made me really self-conscious.”

And I believe that the problems with social media have been stretched to body dysmorphia, which is a problem that we all face in our world.

Currently scheduled for release on Amazon Prime on October 21 is The Peripheral.



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