Fame Doesn’t Faze David Harbour and Here’s Why

Regarding his starring position in Stranger Things, David Harbour revealed that he doesn’t take his stardom too seriously because he is “close to death.” The gloomy musing was included in an unexpectedly upbeat discussion on comedian Rob Brydon’s podcast where they discussed the actor’s selection as Jim Hopper in the popular Netflix series.

As Ordinary as It Gets

Given that it’s one of the most popular television programs, it’s not surprising that Harbour acknowledged encountering crowds when he’s out and about. It’s crazy, he said, adding that because it happened to him at age 40, he spent a long time simply being that guy while wandering the streets.

Beyond Blessed

Regardless of which side of the hill Harbour is on, he was fortunate to find stardom at the perfect time in his life. After suffering in the entertainment industry for a while, the actor later discussed what it was like to land such a significant job.

While David Harbour was waiting on chances and luck in Hollywood, it would seem that fate had other plans for him when he had auditioned for the hit series Stranger Things. This has brought nothing but good fortune to him and has shown his gratitude and good will to the cast, crew and everyone else in between.



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