Ezra Miller Comes Out and Gives Apology

Ezra Miller, the actor of The Flash, has apologized for their recent actions. The 29-year-old actor reportedly admitted to having “complex mental health issues” as a result of a slew of problems, including assault and abuse charges.

The Fall

Miller was accused of felony burglary earlier this month, which has added to their mounting legal problems. On September 27, they are scheduled to appear in court on this charge. Miller, who will play Justice League member The Flash in a stand-alone film, has been charged with hurling a chair at a woman, abusing children, and other serious offenses.

The Attention

When the actor abruptly erased their Instagram account and appeared to disappear, it garnered national attention. Warner Brothers Despite rising worries about Miller’s actions, Discovery has remained silent; nonetheless, a recent story claims that the production company is preparing for a variety of possible outcomes with regard to The Flash.

A Warner Bros. insider described the first possibility, in which the studio releases The Flash as scheduled but with little publicity. Under this circumstance, the only need is that Miller receives professional assistance after going back to their family’s house.