Every Week, This Billionaire Businessman Donates $1 Million

Every week this year, a billionaire is donating $1 million of his wealth.

Wow that’s a lot of money to give away

Granite Telecommunications is owned by Boston billionaire Rob Hale, and he and his wife have come up with a plan to give some of their wealth back while still doing a lot of good.

Every week of the year, he donates $1 million to a different non-profit organization, and each of the organizations says the financial support “has meant the world” to them.

Some nonprofit organizations will be able to grow their activities beyond what they had previously imagined was possible, while others will be relieved of their financial worries for a full year.

CBS reports that Rob and his wife Karen have made the decision to donate $1 million per week to a tiny nonprofit that would greatly benefit from having access to financing beyond their wildest expectations.

“We’re lucky and extremely fortunate, and our philosophy is that we should spread those good tidings as widely as profoundly as we can across the community,” he said.

There are so many important, smaller organizations in our neighborhoods that need our assistance.

Employees at Hale’s started the trend of charitable giving back in 2011 by having a casual Friday where coworkers could donate $3 and the company would match it.

The million dollars were “certainly our biggest contribution ever,” according to Sue Chandler, director of DOVE (Domestic Violence Ended), and they were considering using them to establish a new facility for their organization.

A million dollars may not be small change to most people in the world, but through funding smaller organizations, it has helped create an even greater impact.

Giving money to worthwhile charities like these, according to Hale, “makes you feel so good” and is “a gift we can actually obtain.”

Anyone hoping for a sizable handout if they ask gently is likely to be let down because all the money is going to non-profit organizations that Rob and his wife Karen have selected.

This kind of offer is undoubtedly well thought out, with a clear plan for how the millions will be distributed.

According to Forbes, Hale has already given $28.5 million this year to 29 different organizations, and another 11 are still owed money.

The pair is now left searching for another dozen worthwhile projects that they believe would benefit greatly from their financial contribution.

I wouldn’t say no if Mr. Hale were to ever find himself searching for a place to donate his next million and running out of options.