Every Time His Fiancée Yells At Him, This Guy Removes $1 From Her Valentine’s Day Gift

This TikToker took it to the platform to show the world his plans for his fiancée’s Valentine’s gift. He had saved up three hundred and sixty dollars for her gift, but also had something in mind while he waited for Valentine’s to come.

As the Days Go By

This man had apparently planned to take out one dollar from the money he had set aside for each time a day his soon-to-be wife had yelled at him. His videos on TikTok also feature him listening to what his fiancée had to say when she yells.

Making It Up

A lot of viewers have commented and asked the guy to be a bit more considerate to her. He of course, has taken the advise of those who commented and also made sure to push through with it. He took the suggestions and applied them. He would still deduct the same amount she yelled but would add in a consideration amount if she happened to do something nice for him.

Make sure you check out the whole video here and see how much was left out of the money he put away.