Even Though It Will be Launched Next Month, Avatar 2 is Still Not Complete

Even though Avatar: The Way of Water is scheduled to hit theaters next month, star Sam Worthington claims that the film is still not ready.

Another film that’s rushed for the fans

Yes, the sequel has been in development for 13 years, and it appears that director James Cameron is determined to make it worth the wait. The movie is currently in production. Here, Worthington discusses how the project is progressing:

Cliff Curtis and star Worthington provided a brief update on the film’s progress during a recent interview on Australia’s The Project.

The irony is that Jim’s still working on it, said Worthington, who plays Jake Sully in the movie. I received an email. He still needs another four or five weeks in New Zealand before he locks it down and releases it.

Since it has been so long, it may sound strange, but it is the way he operates since he is a perfectionist.

It’s unclear when Worthington received the email or how long Cameron plans to continue working on the picture, but it’s crucial to note that there hasn’t been any indication of a delay in the movie’s release to theaters.

Worthington, however, is not the first to claim that the film’s producers will mess with the sequel.

As of October 29, Avatar: The Way of Water’s official runtime had not yet been determined due to continuous editing, according to a report from Deadline published in late October.

Cameron spoke to The Times about the protracted process involved in getting the sequel made: “I told my writers when we initially started working on Avatar 2 that we couldn’t move forward until we knew why the original film was so successful. We need to figure out exactly what happened.

“Every movie operates on a different level. The first is on the surface and includes the character, issue, and solution.

“The second one has a theme. What does the film attempt to say? Avatar, however, also operates on a third level—the unconscious. After reading the full sequel script that I had written, I realized that level three was not reached. Boom. New beginnings That required a year.”

A third, fourth, and fifth film have already been confirmed, even though the sequel hasn’t been released yet. But perhaps there won’t be a 13-year gap between them, eh?

On December 16, Avatar: The Way of Water will be available in the UK.



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